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February 21st, 2008

Spending the morning chasing up a lot of links hugo has sent through. Interesting Australian/US company – Emotiv. need to chase up. Would be fantastic for the FEEL SERIES. They seem to be doing beta testing in San Fran. Would be good to go there. And also meet Kathelin and Paul Ekman. possibility.

Getting some words over to Darren Tofts for the Artlink article. Organising talks for next week at the MIT media lab. Looks like I will be talking to the Affective computing Group on Friday. Finished off some words for the IAMAS catalogue for past artist in residents. Trying to organise accommodation in Boston. All seems outrageously expensive. Trying to organise timelines for the Banff Residency. I hope they can provide what I need. Starting to write up a response to Silvia’s questions for the digimag article.

1- how did you arrive to your interest in emotions and their physiological components?
2 – in which ways your works trascend conventional models of interactivity?
3 – I would like to stop a bit on terms like: interface (embodied and transparent); “empathetic envoronments” and awareness. can you define their roe in your work and their meaning?
4 – which kind of relationship can start between an artist and a phycologist and a neuroscientist? who do you work togheter?
5 – can you summarize the results you reached through Feel_trace/inside/insula/perspire, in terms of aestethic and content?
6 – would you like to give me some anticipations around Chamaleon?

Trying to work out how to get equipment support for Apple. its difficult. Bought another laptop. My photoshop is not working with the leopard upgrade. not good. either is final cut pro. Can’t find the battery for my hd camera. need to get a new one before banff.

Also trying to work out how we should approach the next Synapse round. Christian Jones, who is director of a company called affective media – who do interesting work in the area of emotions, speech, interaction and mobile technology, want to propose an arc/synapse. Been in touch with he Research group at Nokia, Tampere – we will meet in April. It would be great to get some sort of interest in the potential Synapse project. Due date for the arts council is a couple of weeks. Need australian partnership, but nothing yet has revealed itself.

I feel like my head is going too fast. Trying to fit too much in – trying to get this project happening. Need to start some visual work as I am getting a bit tired of writing.

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