post how to assess the smaller micro expressions?

February 12th, 2008

Had a chat with physiologist Harry Witchell about the project. To analyse emotional expression he is using “image pro plus” image analysis software. The process for Harry is quite analogue – he applies black dots on face and then analyses. He mentioned an interesting group at Carnegie Melon looking at facial emotion recognition. Harry believes his knowledge of understanding facial expressions is more implicit – he says he can tell you exactly what muscles to move to achieve certain facial expressions – but he believes the people who have the most understanding of the subtleties of expression are the animators. A lot of the technology, though complex can still not make sense of the smaller micro expressions that make up different emotional reactions. Constantly need to keep in mind we are working with fluid, human faces, not static computer models. the fleeting nature of emotions.



still from FERMENT, 3 minute video ,2006

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