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February 11th, 2008

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Over a decade Tina Gonsalves has been using the fluid and malleable medium of video to explore complex emotional landscapes.

Rich, painterly video abstractions evoke intimate associations with personal space, memories and emotions.Over the last few years her work has investigated the intersections of art, technology and science. Gonsalves is currently working with world-leaders in psychology, neuroscience and emotion computing in order to research and produce moving image artworks that respond to your emotions. Poetic installation video works, mobile and wearable technolgy works respond to pulse, sweat, voice and emotional expressions. Most recently Gonsalves was awarded the prestigous Wellcome Trust Large Art Award and the ANAT residency Award to produce “CHAMELEON”, an interactive mind reading art project that explores empathy.

She has been awarded numerous Artist in Residence programs including The Banff New Media Institute in Canada, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, Asialink Residency in Bangkok, Thailand, (Pro)duction residency at Artsway, UK, the Advanced Institute of Media Arts and Sciences residency in Japan and Arts Council England’s International Fellowship based in London. She is currently honorary artist in resident at the Institute of Neurology at UCL in London, visiting artist at the Media Lab at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA.

Works by Gonsalves have been screened at many prestigious international and national festivals and events, and her music videos for labels BMG, EMI, and Festival Mushroom Records have been frequently televised worldwide. Tina’s single channel video is represented exclusively by Novamedia Arts, and 2D prints are represented by the Helen Gory Galerie in Melbourne, Australia.


past short films, Hollow 1998, Trust, 2002, Somewhere in between, 2004.


Medulla Intimata, wearable video jewellery, 2004


Feel_Inside, creating empathic circuits – installation, 2006


Feel_Perspire, psycho-physiological installation using sweat.


Feel_Insula, pscho-physiological installation using hypnosis

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