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July 18th, 2008

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With Helen Sloan, we have been meeting with a few galleries that are interested in the project.

Helen is now working on an exhibition strategy.

I flew to dublin a couple of weeks ago to meet with project space and the new Science Gallery. I think the Science Gallery, based at Trinity college would be great for the piece. They mentioned coming over for an initial talk in December.

I met with the Lighthouse gallery in Brighton who are interested in supporting on of the process stages. I am looking at March 2008.  

Also in contact with the Natural History Museum in London who are interested in making it part of an exhibition about Darwin’s emotion theories.

I also met with the Millais Gallery who are interested in the final work.

Sketch in London are looking how to schedule it.

The ICA in london have scheduled to exhibit in the digital studio in December.

The Science Museum (dana center) are looking to schedule another event in November/December. 

it would be great to get the project to Australia, but so far no australian funding has been achieved (except residency grants).





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