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July 18th, 2008

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Met with Alan Scrase and Eric Miller at Solent University in Southampton. They have a fantastic rapid prototyping lab.

A part of this project was exploring a more sculptural installation. back projections onto anthropomorphized types of shapes. Alan talked about some sort of smart material that could be interesting. We discussed different techniques of creating moulds and then creating sort of templates. It was amazing how large they could be. need to start sketching out a few ideas. 

sketch of back projected sphere like objects. people could walk through the projections creating shadows on the discs.

Shape of the disks. If we used ‘human like shapes’ we would have to track the video, etc. I think its better not to. How large can the discs be? can people touch them? What sort of texture should it be? How do we find a surface that doesn’t show the light of the back projection?


. How large can the surface be? 

. How heavy would this be? 

. What sort of surfaces would you recommend? 

4. Could the surfaces by textural – or sort of surface that could make one want to touch it? 

Something that looks much like skin? Something with a little elasticity? 

5. How much would this cost? 

6. How much time would it take? 

7. How would you prepare files? 

8. When would be a good time to test 


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