post trouble shooting with experiment 05

July 18th, 2008

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experiment 5 is a ‘duel player’. The patch plays two HD videos on two screens, and they interact with each other via emotional algorithms. I am looking at the footage of susan and kevin. I have done all the edit points for each emotion – five edit loops for each emotional expression. A the end of playing the footage, it looks ot the emotional response of the other which triggers the next bit of footage.

I figure this experiment will let us know more about timings – about when to override a bit of footage and respond to the emotional expression.

So far, its not working. I am using the emotional algorithms, but they are stuck in neutral, – also   there is no print out of what is going on, as we had in the 12 player one, so its not as easy to track what is happening. Interestingly, for the last 40 minutes, they have been stuck in neutral. Looking at the loop points, I don’t see any movement – flipping between different neutral selections, but it does seem to be playing the one loop point again and again. Christian has set off to the airport so i` am unsure what to do about it. I will look at the emotional algorithm and see whats happening.

Using ‘ISHOWU’ application, I am sending the quicktimes of the patch working and the video being triggered so he can try to work it out.

1. it plays the same emotion over and over again, rather than selecting from the five options.
2. It never gets past neutral unless I hit the randomise button.
3. One I hit the randomise button it still continues to play the same emotions over and over again.
4. I changed the emotional algorithms to test it, and make it get out of neutral to: 

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