post working on experiment 06 to be exhibited at UCLH.

July 18th, 2008

Filed under: CHAMELEON PROJECT — Tina @ 5:16 pm

I have been working with christian topfner, a programmer based in london to create the beginning video engine for Chameleon.

The video engine is ‘driven’ by the algorithms hypothesized by Chris Frith. I have had to create these over meeting with Chris.

In the end – the work will be networked running up to about ten computers.  We have an exhibition opening at UCLH, on July 28th. It seems to be a great system – I have had a few problem with it – but I can see where its going, and its a great tool that we can changed the emotional algorithms externally – making it more complex as we go on – and also, the edit points can be changed easily – its important that none of this is hard coded, as we need lots of room to experiment. I have spent the last week looking at edit points.

We made an application of experiment 06 on my machine. Its working – looking good – playing on my machine at 21 frames per second with sound. Will now change the files to work with out sound and see the frame rate. But as soon as I put it on the install computer, not working. I have left it for Christian to install. Works on my computer – duel 2.6 gig macbookpro, taking up a about 110 of processing power.

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