post ethnographic style film on emotional contagion.

May 26th, 2008

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When I was at the Banff New Media Institute, shooting the visual side of the Project. We did a four camera shoot in the Telus studio at banff – We had Maria Lantin, Director, Intersections Digital Studio Emily Carr Institute and also video artist Leila Sujir, myself and also Matthew Wild, my partner and Pablo Wild.

The aim was to capture micro expressions and emotional contagion. Science has revealed that these shifting muscle movements then trigger the actual emotional feeling by causing the same neurons to fire in the brain as if you were experiencing the emotion naturally. When you feel happy, your brain might send a signal to your mouth to smile. With emotional contagion, the facial tiny muscles movements involved in smiling send a signal to your brain, telling it to feel happy (Hatfield 1996). This is how emotions spread.

I have been working on the piece for the last few days . Its an intensive and difficult edit, as no time code can be lost.  I am looking to slow the video  to reveal delicate interplays of communication. The voice will be stripped, so the body language can be isolated and amplified. It was shot on a black background – in order to focus on the micro-movements of body language. An important area to deal with is pace. Already, I am zooming up on the image.

the initial mock up for the shoot



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