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April 3rd, 2008

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Its been a busy day – technological overload. Its an interesting place. The sponsors all seem pretty chuffed with what is going on here. Everyone is pretty excited. The fellows and undergrads are madly talking about their ideas. There is a lot of research, some works really great, and well thought through. A lot missing some sort of aesthetic realization and conceptual rigor. Some of the works seem pretty irrelevant, a sort of technological nightmare. I enjoy Picard’s research group with the emphasis on studying the social side of autism.

Jackie Lee’s shy robot. A the moment it is responding to galvanic skin response – Jackie says it makes explicit the actions of shyness. A lot of autistic kids are very shy.


An ecological camera – senses the environment (seems to be pullution, rather than a visual capture of it. Would be nice to integrate the two.



this interestingly looks really a lot like the first rough of the propagation of emotions prototype I am working on now. At the moment they just seem to be looking at each other. But need to research more into it.

We are heading to the airport in about 40 minutes. On to a flight to back to London to restart my Australian Network for Art and Technology synapse residency at the Wellcome Department of Neurology working with Chris Frith and also the Brighton and the Sussex Medical School working with Hugo Critchley.

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