post touch. touch/sound feedback.

March 20th, 2008

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testing out touch. creating a real time ‘tamagochi’ shot content today – will finish thursday. if you touch the screen too harshly he ends up crying. should be intergrated into final system – allowing participant to be close to screen, therefore the cameras don’t have to be that spontaneous.



two camera shoot of pablo, rice studio. banff

pablo – expression – The fact that neonates engage in the ‘invisible imitation’ of others’ facialexpressions is taken, quite plausibly in my view, as evidence for a number of things: that thenewborn’s experience is not a ‘blooming, buzzing confusion’ as the traditional empiricist view hasit; that the body schema is evident from birth; and that there is an innate intermodal perceptualcapacity allowing the infant to ‘translate’ what it sees into a proprioceptive awareness of therelevant body parts – imitation involving generating a match between proprioceptive awareness and what is seen in the behaviour of the other.

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