post affect theory

March 5th, 2008

Filed under: CHAMELEON PROJECT,working on conceptual threads — Tina @ 3:59 am

nine affects, listed with a low/high intensity label for each affect and accompanied by its biological expression

Enjoyment/Joy – smiling, lips wide and out
Interest/Excitement – eyebrows down, eyes tracking, eyes looking, closer listening

Surprise/Startle – eyebrows up, eyes blinking

Anger/Rage – frowning, a clenched jaw, a red face
Disgust – the lower lip raised and protruded, head forward and down
Dissmell (reaction to bad smell) – upper lip raised, head pulled back
Distress/Anguish – crying, rhythmic sobbing, arched eyebrows, mouth lowered
Fear/Terror – a frozen stare, a pale face, coldness, sweat, erect hair
Shame/Humiliation – eyes lowered, the head down and averted, blushing

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