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March 3rd, 2008

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We arrived at the Banff Center yesterday. It was a 3.30 am start in Boston – flight to Toronto, onwards to Calgary, onwards to Banff. A big day, and Pablo wasn’t too happy at the end of the last flight.

But we got here. I am here to take part in the Liminal Screen Residency at the Banff New Media Institute. I will be here for a month, with artists from around the world working on screen based work. This residency splits up my Australian Network for Art and Technology Synapse residency – My acceptance to the program only came through late December/early Jan, way after my acceptance to the ANAT Synapse Grant which came through in July.

I will be heading back to the MIT Media Lab at the end of the month to work further with Rana El Kaliouby. I am then back to London to work with Chris Frith at the Wellcome Department of Neuroimaging and Hugo Critchley at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School for a further six weeks.

The timing of the Liminal Screen Residency is important. Its time to start fleshing out ideas with Chris, Rana and Hugo – and in order to do this, I really need to start producing the visual side of the project. I have access to great production facilities and a supportive team to start working through ideas. It really feels time for my to start some visual experiments as the last month has involved meetings, discussions, dialogue, writing, more meetings, more dialogue – attending a few talks, and more meetings. Its been important to have this tim to digest information, try to understand it better. The ideas I am dealing with, the scientific research is very complex, I need time to work out what is being said. Often, after my meetings with Hugo, I spend about five hours online chasing up what Hugo mentions in passing. Trying to understand the language, the methodologies. Sometimes I feel the more one discusses, writes, discusses, writes, often the poetry of the work can dissipate. The unexpected, the spontaneous seems far away, bottle necked by words, which often feel too limiting. I feel it deep in my bones the need to start producing visually. It will be interesting to see what transpires over the next month. Also, I think some visualizations are needed as a language that all the collaborators can understand. Its been hard to bring all the collaborators together so far.

The Liminal Screen Residency: video-based residency programs: a community of like-minded artists, developers, and researchers engaging in a collective critical inquiry into video as a medium. Liminal Screen invites media practitioners to come to The Banff Centre and experiment, interrogate, and reformulate the art, communications, and distribution of the moving image”.


Hoda Adra
Jeremy Bailey
Ruth Catlow
Marc Garrett
Carlo Ghioni
Tina Gonsalves
Mario Marquez
Michel Panouillot
Natacha Roussel
Celine Semaan
Ute Waldhausen

We have a great apartment style room which we have settled into pretty quickly. The kitchen will be a bonus as the food in the restaurant is hard to live on. Also, Matt, my partner is a chef. So having our own kitchen will be wonderful.

I first came to the Banff Center in 2002, on a new media arts residency from the Australia Council. It was a changing point with my work. At the time, I began feeling constricted by the single channel format. I became more interested in creating embodied art experiences. I began investigating how my artwork could probe the audiences’ emotional body, using their emotions to drive the video narratives. This lead to “Medulla Intimata”, a sensor-based video jewellery prototype that monitored the wearer’s emotional state by using prosody. This lead to more interactive work, and a collaborative methodology. A lot of my collaborations have started from my times at the Banff Center, and many friendships as well.

I have been back about six times, for residencies, co-productions and conferences. Its a fantastic center – a great place to produce work, to meet people, to be very supported. As far as I know, there is no where like it in the world. A team helps you with your projects, your fed, housed, studios and access to great equipment. And the setting is amazing. So, its great to be here.

The residency starts tomorrow

We went for a walk, big shop in the supermarket, chilled out.





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