post Reflection of my time at MIT

March 3rd, 2008

Looking back on the week there – what do I remember? It was pretty stressful time – I got lost in a computer breakdown, which ate up my time for about two days. The tech team there was fantastic in helping me out, but it was a disappointment – I wanted to spend more time meeting people, and it was hard to do that when I was in the midst of losing so much work. I also needed to get all the technology, new computer, etc, all sorted before I left for the Banff center to the Liminal Screen Residency. At Banff, everything is hours away.


rana el kaliouby, at the affective computing group, MIT

Otherwise, my time was spent sitting on the couch of the group – just working away and talking to whoever past me by. It felt like a pretty exciting place to be – lots of great ideas being developed. A lot of the implementations seem to suffer from lack of an aesthetic input – I think there is a need for more artists in the lab. The lab seemed a very supportive place to work, although everyone seemed to be lost in their own research, the lack of space meant people were always running into each other, talking, sharing ideas. The lab was messy, which felt good, prototypes falling all over the place. Screens and computers everywhere. Groups were constantly meeting, and there seemed to be quite a bit of cross pollination.





There were camera crews, journalists and company representatives constantly touring. Prototypes being demonstrated.

I will be coming to the lab a few times a year to work on the CHAMELEON project and it will be great to get to know the place a bit better.

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