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March 1st, 2008

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met with Kelly Dobson. We had met in ISEA a few years ago. I have always enjoyed her work. She is working on a series of appendages that sit with your body and entrain you to slow your breath for example – slow your heart rate. Really beautiful stuff. We talked about the synchronicities of the body that happen. Her work is beautifully documented.

“Machines influence self-conception, expression, social perception, and perception of responsibility or action. By accessing and vitalizing the interplay of people and machines through custom interaction design and psychotherapeutic techniques, a social awareness is brought out and individuals are invited to reinvent their own existence.

Wearable Body Organs is a series of very visible, spectacular or carnival even, play-use objects-devices-equipments that both offer context sensitive functionality for their wearer and simultaneously announce their own need for existence by being used in public without being hidden and small as is the trend with consumer gadgets and self-helping devices, hearing aids, PDAs,artificial organs, and colostomy bags. ScreamBody, CryBody, SleepBody, EatBody, HoldBody, FightBody, HideBody, HouseBody… Rather than being hidden and made to go unnoticed, these “products” are designed to be noticed, as this is key in their functionality — they are social-critical activists.

The wearable apparatuses function as transitional objects – they allow bridges between the person’s internal experience and the outside world insituations in which the person would otherwise not be able to make that possible. Each apparatus simultaneously acts to call attention to the social repression addressed by the very need for the existence of the device. Participants access sensorial energy that has been implicitly or explicitly put to sleep by enculturation.”

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