post talk to the Affective Computing Group, MIT Medialab

March 1st, 2008

just gave my talk to the Media Lab – i thought I had 20 minutes but I had over an hour – so there was much room for discussion. Went well, showed past work, discussed current project. discussed engagement, reading, mapping. building stages.

we moved on to talk about the next sponsor week happening in April – brainstormed ideas – they are looking at an event with magic and physiological responses – GSR and more. Talked about creating an ambient environment.

Briefly talked about trust, empathy. They are building a range of GSR wireless sensors. making them more naturalistic, aesthetic, more robust. Could be great for the Feel_Series project.

interesting thoughts:
Talked about mirroring, but how would that happen? walk into room and all the computer transposes your own face. I guess this is similar to Alexa’s project but more complex.

Talked breifly about GSR and how the arousal stage isn’t necessarily anxiousness,but an arousal reading can also be happiness and enjoyment. Talked about how to represent this – interesting for one of my projects, Feel _Perspire. It currently uses a database of cloud footage which is triggered by the sweat of the participant. If the participant becomes aroused, storm start rolling in. It takes more of a negative approach to the arousal reading. Need to think further about the visualisation.

Rosalind Picard, the head of affective computing was interested in the prediction of emotional states – using the algorithms to generate emotional portraits – this reacts to the human – inference. talked about how it could work with autism. Roz’s group have a very big interest in creating technology that works with/helps/investigates Autism Spectrum.

The group are coming to London Mid May – will organise meeting – Setting up emotional contagion event – six cameras – six participants – for next meeting?

Also out pouring of words – based on these emotional algorithms – how does it synthesize into a conversation? gather words describing emotions and assign them instead of images? Could be interesting.

Roz mentioned that there are two places in the group coming up – thats a pretty rare opportunity.

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