post organising stages.

March 1st, 2008

Had another meeting with Rana. Discussed stages and who supervises what parts of the project she should supervise and what we should achieve before I come back to the Media Lab on the 29th March.

stage one: Emotional Algorithms

1. working out emotional algorithms with Chris
2. reshoot database in banff
3. Contact Evan to see if the project can work online so all collaborators can view it?

stage two: Look at the propagation of emotions

1. Look at more complex algorithms and how they spread between each other.
2. reshoot this still database in banff (using still photography) (need camera?)

stage three: Multi-modal interaction?
1. test touch as a further mode of interaction. (touch will bring audience closer to the portraits – making the cameras easier to read them – could be major issues with the cameras reading the audience more spontaneously, and this could potentially resolve this problem.
2. shoot data base of pablo. As the audience touches the portrait of the baby – becomes like a live tamagochi?

stage four: integration
1. Integration of Rana’s technology into project. We will do this using max – her technology will spit out info every few frames.
2. Look at one camera – running on laptop – interacting with digital portraits.

how does sound work with the project. ? Talking with banff about what and when to record in banff.

Should we continue to pursue a live emotional contagion tool to really understand how social groups begin to build trust – also what are the most emotionally contagious actions?

talking a lot about engagement – scale, pace, dynamic. What is the immediate response? How do you get some one to want to engage with the work?

how is the imagery treated? – how we look at the face and read emotions changes in different emotional states?

How much can you abstract the image to amplify the emotion?

An initial video database and still database will be shot in banff.




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