post Its a blizzard out there

February 23rd, 2008

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Its morning, and the snow has hit us. Looking out the window to whiteness and the skyline of Manhattan has disappeared.

central park

snow turning into slush

Its been a busy few days. Yesterday we spent hours at the Moma. We then moved on to a lot of art openings in Chelsea. Caught up with Lorie Novak for dinner – a photographer, chair of NYU photography. She has an amazing place in dumbo with the most incredible view. We did a residency years ago at Sway, a little country town in the UK – ArtSway. They have a great international residency at Artsway –

The days have been filled with meeting people and the nights are filled with lots of openings. I have come down with a a very embodied flu, and hopefully it doesn’t spread across the family. Tonight we are catching up with Virgil Wong, a great artist working in genetics/internet/medicine/science. Virgil involved me in is exhibitions over the years.

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