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February 23rd, 2008

how do you embody an emotion when a camera is pointing directly at you? – with out artifice, feeling it is real. I have tried a few techniques – shooting over extremely long sessions, shooting after extreme exhaustion and also working with clinical hypnotist – psychologist David Oakley with Hypnosis. The visuals for this piece will most likely use actors, acting out different emotional states.

I have started talking to Caravanserai –

Filip Aiello, producer for the Caravanserai Acting Studio contacted sarah Blakemore’s research group at the institute of cognitive neuroscience. They are starting a production about the human brain and how it functions in regard to emotions and instinct. They wanted to make contact with some neuroscientists – talk about mirror neurons, etc. e sre going to meet in London to discuss if the group should be involved with the project – looking at method acting – the stanislavsky technique.

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