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September 13th, 2007

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Settling into the time zones now…We left Australia on the 18th Jan, with a stop over in Tokyo to break the journey to London. I am traveling with my partner, Matthew Wild, and also my new little boy, Pablo Wild, who is all over 3 months old and very gorgeous.

We have an intensive time ahead – London to work with some wonderful neuroscientists, and through out Europe for meetings and to hold talks. We are then off to New York, and then to Boston to work with the Affective Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab. We are then off to Banff for a month to take part in the Liminal Screen residency at the Banff New Media Institute. We are then back to Boston, then back to London to continue the residency at the Wellcome Department of Neuroimaging and the Brighton and Sussex Medical School. It sounds both exhausting and exciting. A big four months ahead.

In London, we are staying in the flat in the city that I have been living in on and off over the last few years. It’s a fantastic old place in a beautiful building, very close Queens Square, where the Institute of Neurology is based. When we arrived, it was in the midst of renovation – some electrics not working, decorators through out the flat. Arriving into the mess was hell after the long flight. It was a huge clean up which seemed to eat up most of the first week of being here. Pablo was jetlagged and so were we. We spent most of the nights cleaning, hanging out with Pablo and catching up on a bit of work.

He is now slipping back into a better sleeping pattern and so are we. Its been a busy time, sight seeing merged with lots of work mixed in between. Today we went to the Tate Modern. Pablo’s eyes were so alert, taking in all the work. He was awake for hours.

Tonight I met with Helen Sloan, from SCAN, who is curating my current project, CHAMELEON. We only had an hour to catch up – she is based in Sway, in the South East of the UK. We met many years ago when I did a three month residency at ArtSway, while I was working on Medulla Intimata. We have been involved in a few projects together since. We are discussing potential venues, timelines, meetings, collaborative roles, potential writers for catalogues, and also evaluation strategies of each prototype. We are going to continue the meeting on Monday night. She is coming to dinner. Matt is a chef. I am sure he will cook something wonderful which will result in some great ideas and strategies about how to get the project underway.

Right now it seems a bit overwhelming to start the project. Where do you start? There seems so much to do and much of it at this stage is administration – meetings, emails, writing up proposals, organizing finances, organizing travel to work and meet with the right people. My mind seems to be working at a million miles an hour.There are so many people to talk to. Also, how do I get everyone enthused about the project again? I wrote up the proposal last April. Now it has been really well supported by the Wellcome Trust. It is a very collaborative work – working with Chris Frith, a social neuroscientist from Wellcome Department of Neuroimaging, Hugo Critchley an emotion neuroscientist, Rana El Kaliouby and Ros Picard from the affective computing group at the MIT Media Lab. Also Helen Sloan from SCAN, who is managing it, but right now, she seems so overloaded with her current projects that I have not been able to unload much of my mind chatter / thoughts onto her yet. Our meeting have been postponed a few times, and she seems to have a lot on her plate. Also, I seem to have moments of absolute clearness, where I can get so much work done, and then in the next moment, I seem to forget things. I think it has much to do with the lack of sleep, and also the excitement of being a new mum, and spending much time staring at my little son.

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