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February 22nd, 2008

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Harry Witchell, sent through the BBC interview with Jumoke-fashola on BBC london radio. They discuss aspects of emotional contagion, the scientific basis for it.

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February 16th, 2008

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contacted by Artlink to do a peice about the project – Contacted Darren Tofts to write it up. Short deadline – needs to be done by 28th. Darren wants to do it – so thats fantastic. IAMAS contacted me as they are creating a catalogue on pasts residents. IAMAS was long enough ago that I can now reflect on the experience and work out what I got from that time. Need to write something up.

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February 16th, 2008

Little pablo has settled into the timezone well – now he tends to sleep for between 8 to 12 hours a night. Tomorrow we will destory it all – We leave tomorrow for NYC for a week. We have an apartment in the upper west side. We then move onto Boston for a week then over to Banff for a month, Back to Boston and then early April we are back in London. Have to pack today – think about all equipment neeeded for Banff. Enough clothes for us all, with out being too loaded with too much luggage.

Met with Sabine at Arts Council England London yesterday to discuss the project. She suggested I put in a small grant – we talked about other funding strategies something about elephant trust, AHRC, etc. She talked about Arts Admin and making contact with them. She suggested putting in an application over the next couple fo weeks and she wil look at the draft.

We all went to the British Library yesterday – great exhibition on about the avante garde through out Europe – shows many of the manifestos and artists books of the time. Its called Breaking the Rules. Fantastic. We then toured through their collection which is always fascinating.

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February 15th, 2008

Met with Guy Noble, the curator at UCLH hospital. We have been in touch over the last few years – Met a couple of years ago at of a series of workshops entitled Touch and the value of object handling – New technologies for enhancing object interpretation: interactives, haptics and interface technologies organised by Helen Chatterjee and Guy. last year he shortlisted me for a commission – in the foyer of the hospital there is a large video screen that they show work on. I mentioned the Chameleon Project – the first stage. Would suit the space, and the health/art area is interesting for the project. He agreed – booked in for May. Great to have something to work towards.

Discussed Haptics. He suggested I talk to Alan Wing / research team member, Behavioural Brain Sciences Centre, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham – am interesting in creating a small touch based interactive peice to work out if we should make touch part of the final work. I think I met get Evan to start working on something, but also they may be a few people to work with at Banff.

Went to the Wellcome Trust gallery – It combines three contemporary galleries, a library and a public forum for science ideas. – Sleep exhibition on. Wellcome have funded Chameleon. Nice space. Great exhibition. Need to make an appointment with James Peto – the curator their about potentailly exhibiting the work.


‘I Can’t help the way I feel’ by John Isaacs, 2003 – an obese figure – more of an emotional portrait.


ancient mummy – wellcome collection, reminds me of Munch’s the scream.

Headed on to the Royal Academy to see the new Russion show. Heaps of Mattises, Kandinsky’s, – the exhibtion was packed – too busy to see the work – but was amazing to see the Mattises – The Dance. interesting – expressionism link to psychophysiological interactivity – both looked to the internal to create the work. Would like to research more about this,

We then headed over to Sketch, was closed for a function. Have been talking to the curator there, Victoria, about showing the project. Shes interested but so far have only tlaked over email. Fantastic space. Headed over to Iniva to see the cuban exhibition – great space and exhibition. Saw some really lovely work.

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February 13th, 2008

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\The observer were in contact today wanting to do something on the scientific side of the project, more about the idea of emotional contagion. Sent through pics, and hugo and chris’s contacts. Hugo has just had a baby.

Chris said he would talk to them. Chris has just published a book – making up the mind

post ABC TV Arts/Science Pitch

February 11th, 2008

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wrote up an arts science pitch, based around chameleon for ABC – got shortlisted. But apparantly I have to present it AIDC 2008. Can’t, so sadly, can’t take it forward.

- Got contacted by producer regarding Arts/science documentary for Channel 4, need to chase up

post Nokia Only Planet conference – Espoo, Finland

February 11th, 2008

Great news – they sent Vilja from the Nokia Research Group in Tampere to chat with me – she started to tell me what there interests were and how I could be involved with them with some of my projects/reserch. Fantastic development for the mobile projects. I had put in application last year – Synapse/ARC. We ot the ozco funding but not the ARC funding. We needed more industry links. Working with Andrew Brown and Christian Jones. Christian contacted me a couple of weeks ago saying that he wants to resubmit.

Will fly back to Tampere in April to further meet with them. Sounds really interesting, but hard to talk about with NDA’s etc.

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