post exhibition at the ICA

April 28th, 2008

All of the sudden it seems, we are preparing for an exhibition at the ICA, London – opening may 6th. The promo material needs to be written by midday – the work needs to be finalised. I have a big day with Evan Raskob, the programmer/interactive designer working on Chameleon to try and make the most of the prototypes we are exhibiting. Last we week we sat down with Chris Frith, the social neuroscientist on the project, and tried to flesh out the emotional algorithms. Its working better, but I feel there is still an issue with pacing/dynamic and also the aesthetic of the work. Hopefully by 5pm today – we will both be happy.

We are showing two version –  each effects each others emotional states. As each figure emits each emotional state, a live scour of the internet (live chat rooms) searching for statements that relate to the emotion they are feeling. It then transposes the text from live chat site to contextualise the emotional state. For example, if the figure feels sad, the project displays a sad portrait while at the same time transposing live text of someone writing about sadness in internet chat rooms. The conversation is always on the threshold of making sense.

We are using the API of We are looking to a database of   a “live” snapshot of the last 1500 or so feelings from – there are over 5000 different relating to a range of emotions – they are sourced from live chat rooms , etc. We are transposing these ‘thoughts’ on the faces.  Its quite an intriguing story that reveals and a quite like the way we are desperately searching for meaning all the time.

The other prototype looks at emotional contagion in groups. The emotion of the group is constantly shifting, but occasionally through group cohesively comes together in bouts of happiness,etc. Evan is writing a code that you can text and emotion to the group, which effects the social dynamic of the group. Quite nice for the social space it is being exhibited in. Anyway, we shall see how it all pans out today. Hopefully I will get two full days with evan this week, as I am feeling a bit apprehensive about it all.




post planning the project

March 8th, 2008

The last few days have flown. Sitting in my studio looking out the the amazing mountains of Banff. The residency has been great. The week has been full of artist presentations.

Working on the stages of Chameleon: mapping it out in a way that might be clear to all collaborators.

1. ethnographic style film to understand emotional contagion (adam kendon pub experiment)


2. live tool to understand emotional contagion and isolate micro expressions, most contagious gestures/expressions.


3. working on emotional algorithms


4. Looking at emotional algorithms with context (live feel from web or example live feed of –


5. Looking at emotional contagion and how it works in social groups – the propagation of emotions (making the algorithms of stage 3 more complex and networked)

looking at the propagation of emotions

6. Bringing in another mode of interaction into stage 5? – for example touch. If we touch the work (the act of touching is very personal) and also we know that the audience member needs to be near to the screen – which makes it easier for the emotion expression software to read the participant (not so spontaneous)


7. Integration of real time facial expression software. Using a computer with camera embedded test how it works with stage 5 and 6.


8. Introducing multi-participants – three emotion recognition cameras/three networked screens.


9. Idea for final version, up to 20 networked screens/ 8 real time facial recognition cameras.


post Evan’s photos of the Emotional Contagion Event at the Dana Center

February 15th, 2008

Harry, Neil and myself, getting ready to talk, Dana Event


Pablo taking part in the live event


evan setting up upstairs.


The first stage of Chameleon

post real time emotional contagion capture

February 13th, 2008

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Met with Evan Raskob over at Borrough to work on the live emotional cantagion patch – seems to work ok – has it working with two cameras – live feed in – caputres for ten seconds, plays back at 10 per cent for a minute. Looks good. Then worked on the first prototype for CHAMELEON. Using emotional algorithms – need to send them off to Chris Frith and Dylan Evans for some advise about the algorithmic codes.


Evan Raskob at work – the set up,



Off to the Tate

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