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January 30th, 2009

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Its been a year since I started the ANAT residency. I am still working on the production of the Chameleon Project – which has been primarily funded by the Wellcome Trust in the UK, and also the australia arts council visual and new media art boards and Arts Council England. I am with my husband, Matt and my son, Pablo, currently in Berlin. Its snowing out there, which is a shock after spending a few months in the tropics of Australia. Pablo is now 15 months old, crawling about and most of all enjoying pulling power cords out of hard drives and throwing about cd’s and dvd’s.

I am here working with Jeff Mann, who is attempting to integrate the mind reading technology developed by MIT media lab into the video engine. Its been slow progress to get it all working together and triggering HD footage. We are showing it next week at the Dana Center – science museum in London, and so far, I can’t say I am feeling too confident. Everything feels too delicate. We seem to becoming up with more problems than results. But that is part of doing these projects. I am also doing an initial artist talk with Hugo Critchley and Helen Sloan at Lighthouse next week as well.

Every decision requires so much testing from an aesthetic, engagement, HCI, scientific and technological point of view – its slow going. Much testing and much collaboration. My main job seems to be asking the right questions to everyone, and trying to talk in a language that everyone understands.

We are heading to Brighton in March to do a residency/commission with Lighthouse. We hope by that stage to have the project working with multiple interaction. In June we are off to Boston to MIT and then most likely back to Banff to work on the second stage of the visual database.

Anyway, a small catch up.



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